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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter ahead this hour on good day: bus stop backlash. why a school district employee could lose her job... following a tragedy. ((jen plus... one florida driver opens ?fire... to save a deputy! and it all happened, right on a major interstate. ((walterand: the controversy grows... over the latest national anthem protest.wh calling for a boycott... of the bucs. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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developing this morning: a school district employee in polk county is in danger of getting ?fired today. and it comes after a student was hit and killed at a bus stop. the employee is accused of ?lying about the incident... and then trying to cover it up. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in lakeand right now... at the bus stop where the
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morning... after a scary showdown, between a deputy and a driver. but that deputy may be alive today... thanks to ?another man who pulled out a gun. the other driver actually ?shot the man, that deputy was fighting with. d-o-t cameras captured the aftermath of the shooting as part of the interstate became a crime scene. officials say deputy "dean bardes" was working a crash when a car sped past. the deputy then chased after and confronted the driver. the man ?fought back, right along the side of the road. another driver saw it all happpening that second driver also had a gun... and a concealed weapons permit. he threatened to ?shoot the other man if he didn't stop beating on the deputy. when he refused, the other man shot him three times, killing him. deputy bardes was treated and released from the hospital, and the interstate was ?just reopened around ten last night. no word if the second driver will face charges. and this could have been even worse. deputy bardes says the driver he was fighting with ?did have a gun.
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broke out on one of its flights. and it happened here in tampa. a passenger was kicked off the plane... after arguing with a flight attendant over her ?pin it read: "black lives matter, white supremacy kills". the argument started... after the passenger?questioned her on it. and as fox 13's evan axelbank explains, the airline appears to be siding...with the passenger. visiting from houston, robert coyle had a good vacation with relatives"we went out to tarpon springs, big festival out there, they've got all sorts of food."when it was time to go back sunday evening, he boarded spir his eye. this flight attendant, was wearing a button that said, "black lives matter, white supremacy kills." "i said all lives matter.""and she said, i disagree with you, i disagree with you on so many levels, and then she went into some sort of memorized i really can't speak politically while i am in uniform."she asked to see the picture he had taken of her, insisting that doing so violated airline rules. though he agreed to delete it, he still says she stopped her safety demonstration to ask the pilot to take the plane back to the gate to kick him off. he was able to recover the picture later."no company should allow that to happen, unless they are willing to accept the consequences for that happening."indeed, spirit says their flight attendant broke policy of not wearing anything political, religious or inflamatory on their uniform. they offered coyle undisclosed restitution and took undisclosed disciplinary action on the unidentified flight attendant, who'd been with the airline fourteen months. coyle says he is satisfied with spirit's response."if you have something offensive on your uniform, you are going to
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of course that is his own ?opinion on the button. spirit passed no judgment on the content of the button either, other than it broke
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says he will absolutely fly spirit again, and is headed back on another flight ?today. but he was told it will have a ?different crew. another top post in the trump administration is close to getting filled. a senior official on the transition team says "rudy giuliani" is the top choice to be u-s secretary of state. it's not a ?lock yet. former u-s ambassador "john bolton" is also in the running. giuliani has been a huge trump supporter from the beginning... a administration. trump is also considering some other ?diverse picks this week... including a woman to lead to republican national convention... and an openly gay man to represent the u-s at the united nations. president obama is weighing in on the trump transition... for the first time since their white house meeting last week. the president commented on the process during a press conference monday. the president said trump's staffing appointments and first impressions with world leaders will go a long way in defining his presidency. but the president also warned
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president obama president obama is also asking protesters to give trump a chance... and says his statements on election night... about the need for unity... were encouraging. and despite president obama's call for patience... those anti-trump protests continue across the country. this is a look at seattle... where several hundred people gathered last night to march in the streets. earlier in the day, ?thousands of students walked out of their classrooms... in seattle, los angeles and denver. many of them in protest of trump's comments about minorities.
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"mike evans" decided to ?sit during the national anthem sunday. but he did it, on a day the team was honoring veterans. many local veterans say it was a slap in the face. and one local lawmaker is now starting his own protest... against evans. state senator jack latvala posted on facebook that he won't step inside raymond james again until evans either apologizes...or is kicked ?off the team. he says evans needs to better understand what we stand for here in tampa bay...and a loud boycotting as well. latvala says the protest was disrespectful to the military..their families..and those who fought
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the bucs released a statement monday..praising the work and sacrifice of the military.. but they're also standing by evans constitutional right to protest. as for evans...he plans to keep up the protest-- despite the backlash. the next bucs ?home game is sunday, november 27th... on thanksgiving weekend. better make sure your car is ?locked this morning. because someone could be breaking into it! that's what happened ?yesterday morning in st. pete. police just releas t group of burglars breaking into a car on snell isle boulevard. it happened around three a-m. and they didn't have to work too hard... the car was ?unlocked. they got away with school supplies and electronics. if you know who these guys are... call st. pete police. and another story from st. pete police... that's getting a lot of ?buzz this morning. this is photo of officer "dave rogler" dusting for fingerprints... right next to a beehive. and he had to don some beekeeper gear, to keep himself safe. all those little dots you see on
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jumped the fence and knocked over a box containing the beehive. the bees apparently scared the prowlers off. st. pete police say if you see any teens with red bee stings... give them a call. and... it's been a while since we had a story about ?clowns. but this one, is actually kind of positive. the pasco county sheriffs office posted this photo to it's facebook page last night... as some deputies posed with ronald mcdonald. they added the caption: "our deputies were hungry, the clown best part was the hashtag... "make clowns nice again." after all those ?creepy clown stories last month... i think that's a movement we can ?all get behind. later this half hour: the subject of a netflix documentary... ?almost set free. the big decision, that could have him home for the holidays. plus: bright lights... and bean burritos. if there was ever a ?perfect
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rhyme welcome back... the time is 4:xx. taco bell has opened ua vegas. the store has a freeze wall featuring 8 taps... with flavors like pina colada and baja blast. but these ones come with booze... with your choice of tequila, rum, and other liquors. you can also take those drinks to go... as you walk down the strip. there's also a v- i-p section... d-j... and merchandise store. the menu includes tapas-syle sharing plates-- like nachos and quesadillas. the
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this is taco bell's fourth location of its kind... but the only one that is open 24- hours.
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some of the biggest sports stars in ?florida are getting a huge honor today. from football... to baseball... even ?sailing. a look at the "hall of fame" inductees, after the break. plus: ?third times the charm for the tampa bay lightning. why they are definitely in a new york state
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time to talk some sports this morning. and it was a big night for the bolts.
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and the lightning probably wish ?every game was against the isles... because they definitely have their number. lightning get on the board first last night ?up in new york. cedric paquette with the nice pass to j.t. brown racing in and scores... brown's second of the season.... 42 seconds later.... victor hedman with the shot that is deflected wide... but andrej sustr rips it right back at him and ryan callahan deflects it in... bolts up two nothing. in the second the blowout continues... nikita kucherov and scores... his fifth goal in the past seven games. the islanders had no answer in this one. andrei vasilevskiy gets 34 saves and the bolts get the shutout, winning 4 - zip.
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bengals. a clash of two top ten offenses in the nfl. and this was a close one. the giants scored first... a touchdown in the first quarter from eli manning to jerell adams. but the bengals tied it up, the very next possession. the giants would lead 14 to ten at halftime. things would stay close in the second half. bengals would retake the lead after getting a huge kickoff return to start the third. but new york takes the lead back d pass. giants win... 21 to 20. today in tampa... the newest members of florida's sports hall of fame will be inducted. and this year's lineup includes several ?big names in ?tampa sports. incluidng former bucs coach "jon gruden"... and hockey legend "phil esposito"... one of the founders of the tampa bay lightning. also on the
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whos from orlando... eremy foley, the athletic director at the university of florida... and "allison jolly".. an olympic sailing champion from st. petersburg. the enshrinement dinner is tonight at six at the t-pepin hospitality centre. tickets are 150 dollars a person. when we come back, i'll have another check on your tuesday forecast. plus... who knew taking out the trash, could be so much fun? we'll meet one little boy, who turned a
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making headlines across
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finally reaches a verdict... in the justin harris murder trial. harris is accused of ?intentionally leaving his todder in a hot car. and monday... the jury found harris ?guilty of murder. the 22 month old boy was left in that hot car for ?seven hours... while harris went to work. harris told police he forgot to drop the boy off at daycare and didn't realize he was still in the back seat. but the defense says harris ?planned it... and they say he even sent sexually explicit messages to five different women that day, along with a minor. harris will be of life in prison without parole. a young man who appeared on the netflix documentary "making a murderer" ... is one step closer to ?freedom. on monday, a judge in wisconsin ordered "brendan dassey" be released from prison. dassey was 16 years old when he was accused of helping his uncle, 'steven avery', kill a woman in 2005. but his conviction was recently overturned.... after a court ruled that his confession was ?coerced by detectives. the judge didn't give a specific release
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the state is still planning to ?appeal the ruling. ?avery is also appealing his conviction. a big loss for journalism this morning. longtime anchor and reporter" gwen ifill" has died . the p-b-s network says she privately battled cancer, undergoing months of treatment-- before she died. in addition to her time at p-b-s, ifill worked at the washington post, new york times, and n-b-c news. she was also a debate moderator overseeing a democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders back in february. and now to plano, texas... where nothing can get between a boy... and his trash bin. every monday, two year old "lance" takes his mini recycling bin out to the curb... for trash collection day. he then waits for his buddy... trash man "james" to show up in his big truck. and every week, they give each other a big hug like longtime pals. this has actually been going on for about a year. lance's mom says it's the one thing he
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week: and no suprise here... can you guess what lance dressed as for halloween? yup... a garbage man. still ahead in our next half hour: ?why did the panther cross the river? to ?save its species. the walk.. that has state officials going wild. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in lakeland, following a possible ?coverup
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